The Contents of an Event Brochure

Published: 14th November 2009
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With more real estate than postcard printing yet smaller than a booklet, brochures allow for the perfect size in giving just the right amount of information to reel in a customer.

Business brochures have various purposes that determine the layout. Some may be for selling a product, others for introducing your company, and still others, which is the layout explained below, are for advertising an event. Although your brochure should be stylized for your company image, following some guidelines for layout will help when in the design process.

1. The front cover of an event brochure usually includes the title of the event, a photograph, and brief information about the occasion.

2. Inside of the front cover, you will want to connect with the reader. Show them why they need to attend by presenting problems they may have that your event solves. Present their needs in question form to get them involved emotionally.

3. Before opening the rest of your full color brochure, readers will glance at the outside back flap first. This is where you will want to include reviews or testimonials.

4. Inside of the back flap include the registration information. You may want to perforate the fold for easy tearing.

5. The middle panel inside the piece needs to further entice clients with any interesting information on the event. Programs, seminars, workshops, and speakers are all examples of what will get the reader excited about the event.

6. The outside of the middle panel may be reserved for a logo, information on your organization, or any other extra information. If you will be mailing your advertising tools, you will want to use this panel for the address and stamp.

Now that you understand the ideal layout, you can design the perfect brochure for your event.

Katie Marcus writes about the business brochures and full color brochure technologies.

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