A Simple Guide to Make Personalized Note Cards at Home

Published: 05th June 2009
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A simple guide to making personalized note cards at home. Note card printing is very useful in a lot of situations. They can be used as invitations, calling cards, and pocket calendars and as promotional materials.

In addition, personalized note cards are sometimes used as greeting cards, inspirational pocket cards and some can even act as personal mementos. If you want to use such a versatile tool on a budget however, then you may want to learn how to do your own note card printing at home. Do not worry since printing personalized note cards is a pretty simple and uncomplicated process.

Just follow the steps below, for you to learn how to produce your color note cards at home.

1. Buy blank note cards - The first step in home note card printing is to buy your main medium, and those are your note cards. Go to your stationary store or department store and look for blank note cards. These blank note cards will be your canvass for your personalized note cards. Try to pick a good kind of note card paper stock. It should be thick enough for your purposes and it should have a high quality finish as well. Look for the glossy type of note card stock that looks better and high quality if you can.

2. Gather your materials - Afterwards, you need to gather the rest of your materials. This includes any important images that you want to integrate into your note card design. You may want to use your company logo, or you may want to add in your personal image to be printed in your color note cards. In addition, if there are any important sketches, clip-arts and other graphics that you may need, gather them up as well so that you will not have to search for them once you start designing your note card.

3. Compose your message - Once you have the images and other raw materials set, it is time to compose your message. Try to write a message that is simple, creative and straight to the point. Do not dilly-dally your message since you only have limited space. It is a good idea to do this before really going into the note card design process. This is because your message can directly affect the overall design that you want o create. You will want to have you note card message fleshed out already before you start designing so that you will not have to keep mixing and matching the design for the message.

4. Start designing - With your raw materials setup, you can now start designing. Since note cards are small, you will not need to think about the design too much. Fire up your computer and then open up your favorite image editing application. Publishing tools like Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Photoshop are examples of the best tools, but MS Paint and other simple applications will do just fine as well. Just add your personalized image or logo on the cover of your note card, and then add your special message over it. Adjust for design balance and you will have your very own homemade note card design.

5. Print them out - After that, all that is left is to print the note cards out. Remember to set your page settings and print settings so that your computer and printer can accommodate your blank note cards for printing. Print a sample print first before going all the way to mass production. See if the design is apt for your blank note card paper. If it looks good, and you go ahead and print all the note cards that you need.

Great! Those are the five simple steps in creating a personalized note card at home. As you can see, it is easy and you will not need special training or anything. You just need an inspired mind, a computer and a printer.

Katie Marcus writes information about note cards and personalized notecards technologies.

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